About Me

I was born in Stoke-on-Trent, England but moved to a small village in the South of France at the age of twenty where I have now lived for over thirty 30 years, raising two sons, teaching English, becoming a fitness instructor and helping out in our family’s vineyards and olive groves.More recently I developed an interest in painting and singing.

I recognise that in my family art and music have played important roles, first in my mother’s life and subsequently in my sister’s career. My mother dreamt of going to Art College but, coming from a large family supported by a widowed mother facing the financial restraints of wartime, at the age of fourteen her artistic talents were put to use painting ceramics by hand in the local pottery factory. My sister, Hilary James, fulfilled my mother’s dream by studying Fine Art at University and is now an accomplished artist and illustrator. She has also enjoyed a very successful musical career.

I suppose over the years I’ve always felt that I, too, had an underlying interest in the arts but it wasn’t until 2006 that I really started to develop my passion for painting and singing. With Hilary’s encouragement and my growing family as inspiration I began portrait painting, joined a choir and more recently started singing for pleasure with Hilary.

On this eclectic site you can browse through a selection of my paintings and there is even a section on olive oil! My husband and I now produce and sell some of the best quality organically produced olive oil in the South of France and are looking to expand our business.

Bonne visite…